Plastic Cable Glands (PCG)
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Part Number: PCG-07R-B
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  • Plastic Cable Glands (PCG) provide superior strain relief for cables and provide IP68 protection against dust and water. Mencom offers a large selection of cables glands in Metric, PG, and NPT thread choices. Sealing Grommets for Metric and PG sized openings are also available.

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    Product Size

    Part Number

    PG7 .079-.196"  PCG-07R-B
    PG9 .157-.315" PCG-09-B
    3/8NPT .197-.393 PCG-3/8-B
    1/2NPT .394-.551 PCG-1/2-B
    3/4NPT .512-.708  PCG-3/4-B
    1"NPT .709-.984 PCG-1.0-B
    1.25NPT .866-1.26 PCG-1.25-B
    PG11 .197-.393" PCG-11-B
    PG13.5 .236-.472 PCG-13.5-B
    PG16 .394-.551" PCG-16-B
    PG21 .512-.708" PCG-21-B
    PG36 .866-1.26" PCG-36-B
    PG42 1.18-1.5" PCG-42-B
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