Female Straight MDC 4 Pin Cordset 4A, Yellow, PVC, Nickel Plated Brass
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Part Number: MDC-4FP-1M
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  • MDC connectors, sometimes referred to as Micro-DC, use an M12 coupling nut and single keyway. These versatile connectors are easy to use and provide plug and play solutions to a wide range of applications. Mencom offers molded cable, field wired connectors, panel mount receptacles, and accessories with choices of cable jackets and connector ends to meet your specific requirements. Some options for the cord sets include PVC jacket, PUR jacket, TPE jacket, Hi-Flex cable, and shielded cable. Receptacles come in a wide range of mounting styles and threads; including Metric, PG, and NPT.

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    Product Length

    Part Number

    1 Meter MDC-4FP-1M
    2 Meter MDC-4FP-2M
    3 Meter MDC-4FP-3M
    4 Meter MDC-4FP-4M
    5 Meter MDC-4FP-5M
    6 Meter MDC-4FP-6M
    10 Meter MDC-4FP-10M
    15 Meter MDC-4FP-15M
    20 Meter MDC-4FP-20M
    25 Meter MDC-4FP-25M
    30 Meter MDC-4FP-30M
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