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Circuit Breakers or Fuses? Are you on the hunt?

Circuit Breakers and Fuses essentially do the same thing. The biggest difference being that a Circuit Breaker “trips” and is resettable if there is a power surge inside the circuit, whereas a Fuse “breaks” and needs replaced. So, which to use in your design effectively comes down to your preference. It is important to note however that if you are using a Circuit Breaker in your design or current application, and your Breaker continually trips, it may indicate a much larger issue in the circuit itself which will have to be looked at. So, though it may seem easier with a Circuit Breaker in situations of constant failure, we would suggest not going the easy route, but rather get the circuit designed properly so as to avoid constant tripping.


Fuses on the other hand are a far cheaper solution if properly sized but can be less cost effective if not. Constant down time due to Fuse failure can be frustrating and time consuming and expensive not only in Fuses, but in lost production time as well. Another benefit of a Fuse solution is sizing up the Fuse if needed to do greater power and surge needs.


If you need help deciding which way to go for your solution, or if you are just discussing a change between the two, give us a call and we would love a chance to work through your solution with you. Or if you are simply in need of a breaker or Fuse for your panel,… Check out for a full line of Mersen / Ferraz Fuses along with LSIS Din Rail Mounted Breakers.


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