Nema Supply is an industrial automation distributor. We strive to give our customers the ability to partner with key manufacturers and local friendly distributors as well as the customer service they deserve along with access to competitive pricing. We strive to provide an experience that is both simple and easy to use. Our website offers product suggestions that could compliment previous purchases or selections. These suggested items come from our personal knowledge and hands-on experience in industry needs.

Nema Supply is built around individuals from the industry which are well versed in the industrial supply industry. Every person on our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience specializing in industrial automation. A competent team with a wide range of experience in the Industrial market.

Warehouse PictureAt Nema Supply we value being a family first company, built on trust and respect, which must be earned and not given. With this motto we strive to show our customers they can trust in our ability to provide them with quality products and customer service above and beyond other supply companies.