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How do I chose the correct enclosure for MY application?

Here are 5 EASY steps!

1. What is your application?
It’s important to make sure you map out the design of the enclosure or enclosure system. For example, if the enclosure serves as your main power, it will be important to know if it should be modified with multiple doors or a power disconnect.

2. What environments will the enclosure be exposed to? 
Once determining the environment for the application, start with the NEMA or UL ratings to ensure that the enclosure will be suitable for that environment. For example, if your application is going to be in a corrosive area or the application is in the food and beverage industry, you would need to look at a NEMA 4X rated enclosure. Either 304SS or 316SS for moisture as well as particulates of indoor and outdoor environments. (Figure 1 for Ratings)

3. Check the Space. 
Make sure that when installing the enclosure, you maintain a safe distance from the ceiling and walkway. Review all Fired Code requirements to stay in compliance with your local inspector.

4. What’s the temperature?
Heat buildup in an enclosure can have very costly effects with premature machine component failure. In most cases, some type of temperature control is needed. These can range from simple exhaust fans to more complex solutions such as heat exchangers and chillers. (Check out Stego for your cooling needs at WWW.NEMASUPPLY.COM)

5. Lastly, What Material?
The choice of stainless steel, carbon steel fiberglass and polycarbonate affects not only the rating but the cost of an enclosure. This is determined on the regulations and environment of the application. (Figure 1 for Ratings)