Mounting Panels Hammond Series
Product Information
Part Number: 20P1410
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  • Panels and mounting hardware are included with 1420 Series enclosures. Each panel is made of 12 gauge steel and is finished in white.

  • Specifications

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    Product Dimensions

    Part Number

    16x12 in. 20P1410
    20x16 in. 20P1814
    20x20 in. 20P1818
    24x20 in. 20P2218
    24x24 in. 20P2222
    30x20 in. 20P2818
    30x24 in. 20P2822
    36x24 in. 20P3422
    36x30 in. 20P3428
    42x24 in. 20P4022
    42x30 in. 20P4028
    42x36 in. 20P4034
    48x36 in. 20P4634