Altelix 32x24x12 Vented Industrial DIN Rail Fiberglass Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure
Altelix 32x24x12 Vented Industrial DIN Rail Fiberglass Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure Altelix 32x24x12 Vented Industrial DIN Rail Fiberglass Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure
Product Information
Part Number: NFC322412V-DIN
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  • Description
  • The Altelix NFC322412V-DIN Vented Weatherproof Industrial DIN Rail Enclosure is an industrial quality fiberglass enclosure ideal for protecting DIN rail mounted equipment from harsh environments and tampering. The outside dimensions are 31.7 x 23.6 x 13.3 Inches (805 x 602 x 3339 mm) and the usable interior dimensions are 28.0 x 21.3 x 10.3 Inches (711 x 540 x 260 mm).

    Includes (3) DIN Rails and Integral T-Slot Nut Mounting System
    Included with this enclosure are (3) 22.7" long 20 gauge steel 35mm top hat DIN rails. They are easily installed to the interior of the enclosure without drilling or modification using the integral T-Slot Nut mounting system. This versatile mounting system is molded into the interior of the enclosure and runs the full length of the enclosure from top to bottom. This allows the DIN rails to be mounted easily in any of 28 locations providing the flexibility needed when configuring the enclosure for specific user requirements. Hardware for mounting the DIN rails is included.

    Fiberglass (FRP) Construction
    This rugged enclosure is molded from durable and UV resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP). The door is fully gasketed making this enclosure suitable for use indoors or outdoors. The lockable door features reinforced hinges and dual quarter-turn latches to secure the enclosure and is locked and unlocked using the included removable keys. A drip rail over the door provides additional protection against water dripping into the cabinet while the enclosure is open. The enclosure can be drilled and modified by the installer to suit unique site requirements. The enclosure is also RF transparent to support wireless devices.

    Bonus Aluminum Bottle Opener Key
    This enclosure now includes our HN-0008 Aluminum Bottle Opener Key. A $9.99 value, this heavy duty aluminum door locking key easily attaches to most key chains. And it makes a great bottle opener too!

    To help expel heat from within the enclosure, this model features two 4 inch air vents with cleanable aluminum mesh screens which are covered by rain shields.

    Cable Glands
    The enclosure features our unique PG-16 cable glands with a closed inner seal. They are installed in the open ports to maintain the NEMA rating of the enclosure when not in use. When required for use, simply punch a hole through the inner membrane, run your cables and tighten for a water-tight seal.

    Four mounting feet are included so that the enclosure can be securely mounted to a wall or other structure. Two optional flange and pole mounting kits are available, painted steel (model NMKS-600-08) and stainless steel (model NMKX-600-08).

    Optional Lockable Latches
    For additional protection of internal equipment installed, three lockable latches are available. The HN-0005 is a keyed lock set which includes two keys. Similar to the HN-0005, the HN-0001 has an interlock feature that traps the key when it is in the unlocked position. The HN-0006 allows the enclosure to be securely locked via use of a padlock (not included). All of these optional lockable latches are direct replacements for the standard quarter-turn latches that come pre-installed in the enclosures.

    Metal equipment mounting plates are available for this enclosure in galvanized steel and aluminum, and a number of non-metallic options are available including Polyester, Starboard (HDPE) and PVC foam board. A painted carbon steel hinged "dead panel" inner door kit with lock is also available for this enclosure.