Hammond Perforated Inner Panels 18PP Series 1418, 1447, PJW, and PHW Enclosures
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Product Information
Part Number: 18P1309PP
  • Description
  • Specifications
    • For use with 1418, 1447, PJW and PHW enclosures
    • Made from 16 ga steel
    • Accepts self tapping screws, eliminating time-consuming measurement, marking, and drilling of component mounting holes
    • 1/8" dia holes on 1/4" staggered centers
    • ANSI 61 gray powder finish
  • Specifications

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    Actual Panel Dimensions

    Part Number

    13x9 in. 18P1309PP
    13x13 in. 18P1313PP
    15x15 in. 18P1515PP
    17x13 in. 18P1713PP
    17x17 in. 18P1717PP
    21x17 in. 18P2117PP
    21x21 in. 18P2121PP
    27x21 in. 18P2721PP
    27x27 in. 18P2727PP
    33x21 in. 18P3321PP
    33x27 in. 18P3327PP
    33x33 in. 18P3333PP