Hammond Type 1 Mild Steel 3 Piece Flushmount Enclosure N1W F Series
Product Information
Part Number: N1WF864
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Construction
  • Designed for indoor use to enclose controls, instruments, and components which do not require oil-tight or dust-tight protection.
    Ideal for applications where components may be easily mounted and wired prior to installation of wrapper and door.


    • UL 50 Type 1
    • CSA Type 1
    • Complies with
      • NEMA Type 1
      • IEC 60529, IP20
  • Specifications

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    Product Dimensions

    Part Number

    4x4x3 in. N1WF864
    4X4X4 in. N1WF1084
    4X6X3 in. N1WF12104
    8X6X3 in. N1WF16124
    6X4X4 in. N1WF20164
    6X6X4 in. N1WF24204
    • Three piece assembly consisting of a base, wrapper, and door.
    • Components are attached and secured with metal screws.
    • 14 gauge reverse formed base acts as mounting surface (no separate inner panel) and provides clearance for mounting hardware.
    • Punched for left or right hinging of the door and ease of assembly.
    • Wrapper is formed from 16 gauge steel, with no knock-outs in the sides.
    • Flush mounting door assembly formed from 16 gauge steel.
    • Door is fastened with a slotted quarter turn latch.
    • A bonding stud is provided on the door and a grounding screw is provided for the enclosure.