Mounting Panels Hammond Series
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Part Number: 18P0909
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  • Mounting panels for Hammond Series 1418, 1447, PJW, and PHW Features Steel panels are .12 gauge steel and are finished in white. Galvanized panels are .12 gauge unpainted galvanized steel. Stainless steel panels are .12 gauge and are brushed 316 SS. Aluminum panels are 5052-H32 aluminum alloy. Larger panels have two or four formed flanges. Some larger panels are 10 gauge. Panel mounting hardware not included (provided with enclosure).

  • Specifications

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    Product dimensions

    Part Number

    12x12 in. 18P0909
    16x12 in. 18P1309
    16x16 in. 18P1313
    18x18 in. 18P1515
    20x12 in. 18P1709
    20x16 in. 18P1713
    20x20 in. 18P1717
    24x12 in. 18P2109
    24x16 in. 18P2113
    24x20 in. 18P2117
    24x24 in. 18P2121
    30x12 in. 18P2709
    30x16 in. 18P2713
    30x20 in. 18P2717
    30x24 in. 18P2721
    30x30 in. 18P2727
    36x24 in. 18P3321
    36x30 in. 18P3327
    36x36 in. 18P3333
    42x24 in. 18P3921
    42x30 in. 18P3927
    42x36 in. 18P3933
    48x24 in. 18P4521
    48x30 in. 18P4527
    48x36 in. 18P4533
    60x24 in. 18P5721
    60x36 in. 18P5733
    72x30 in. 18P6927
    72x36 in. 18P6933