Genesis Series Polycarbonate Enclosure with Hinge Clear Non-Metallic 3pt Locking Latch Cover
Product Information
Part Number: G201608CTPL
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  • NEMA Ratings
  • Genesis enclosure includes a polycarbonate enclosure base with opaque cover, two mounting flanges, and two latches.

  • Specifications

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    Product Dimensions

    Part Number

    20x16x8 in. G201608CTPL
    24x24x10 in. G242410CTPL
  • Type 4X

    Enclosures constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingress of solid foreign objects (windblown dust); to provide a degree of protection with respect to harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, and hose directed water); that provides an additional level of protection against corrosion; and that will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.