G100 General Purpose Drive-Three Phase 380/480VAC
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Part Number: 6041002100
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  • The optimum choice for its strong sensorless vector functionality, enhanced performance, and promising quality that satisfy high reliability standards. The G100 drive is the solution for you. Its dual rating enables a wide variety of applications for the drive, and the user-friendly design makes it convenient to install, control, and maintain.

    LS, who you might recognize better as LG, offers the compact G100 from 1/8 to 10 hp available in either 240VAC (single or three phase) or 480VAC (3 phase).

    This is a sensorless vector and V/Hz control drive with a built-in rotary potentiometer and ratings for both constant and variable torque. There is also a built-in transistor for dynamic braking!

    These drives have STO (safety torque off) safety input and are UL508E rated for use with LSis MMS (manual motor starters). This is a global drive that is dual rated 50/60 Hz which means no derating for 50Hz export!

  • Specifications

    The LSIS G100 Series:

    • Available from 1/8 to 10 hp
    • 240VAC or 480VAC, 240VAC available in single or 3 phase input
    • Sensorless vector and V/Hz control
    • 400Hz output in V/F mode
    • Modbus RTU
    • STO safety input
    • Built-in rotary potentiometer
    • EMC filter available
    • HD operation : -10 to 50°C
    • IP20 (NEMA 1 kit)
    • Side by side installation
    • Extremely compact
    • Dual overload ratings - 150% HD, 110% ND
    • Rated for both constant and variable torque
    • UL508E rated for use with LSis manual motor starters
    • Global drive - rated 50/60 Hz which means no derating for 50Hz export
    • Compliance with safety requirements: EN ISO 13849-1PLd, EN61508 SIL2, EN60204-1
    • 2 year warranty
    • Built-in transistor for dynamic braking
    • LSIS operated under the name LG Industrial Systems for 30 years, now part of the LS Group
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