Aluminum SLA Battery Shelf with Battery Strap
Aluminum SLA Battery Shelf with Battery Strap Aluminum SLA Battery Shelf with Battery Strap
Product Information
Part Number: NHP-SLA-01
Inventory: Typically Ships 2-4 Business Days
  • Description
  • The Altelix NHP-SLA-01 is a battery shelf designed specifically for use with SLA type batteries. Featuring heavy duty aluminum construction, each shelf includes a mounting strap which is used to secure the battery. (4) holes are provided on the shelf for mounting.

    The NHP-SLA-01 can be mounted to any of our equipment mounting plates by drilling (4) holes. A drilling template is available in the Downloads section.

    Pre-Drilled Equipment Mounting Plates
    A number of Altelix enclosures feature equipment mounting plates that are pre-drilled and tapped with the holes required to mount the shelf. For those installations, use the (4) #6-32 screws which are included with the shelf. The following enclosures feature pre-drilled equipment mounting plates:

    • NFC161208A1 Series
    • NFC161208HA1 Series
    • NFC161208VA1 Series
    • NFC161208VFA1 Series
    • NFC161208VFHA1 Series
    • NFC161208VFD Series
    • NFC161208AU Series
    • NFC161208VAU Series
    • NF141206A1 Series
    • NF141206HA1 Series
    • NF141206VA1 Series
    • NF141206VFA1 Series
    • NF141206VFHA1 Series
    • NF141206VFD Series
    • NF141206AU Series
    • NF141206HAU Series
    • NF141208A1 Series
    • NF141208HA1 Series
    • NF141208VA1 Series
    • NF141208VFA1 Series
    • NF141208VFHA1 Series
    • NF141208VFD Series
    • NF141208AU Series
    • NF141208HAU Series