Altelix 10x8x6 Vented Industrial DIN Rail Fiberglass Enclosure
Altelix 10x8x6 Vented Industrial DIN Rail Fiberglass Enclosure Altelix 10x8x6 Vented Industrial DIN Rail Fiberglass Enclosure
Product Information
Part Number: NF100806V-DIN
  • Description
  • Vented Weatherproof Protection for DIN Rail Mounted Equipment

    The Altelix NF100806V-DIN Weatherproof Vented DIN Rail Enclosure features two heavy duty 12 gauge steel DIN rail mounting brackets that provide 7 adjustable DIN rail mounting positions. For convenience, the enclosure also includes two pre-cut steel 35mm top-hat DIN rails and mounting hardware.

    Vented NEMA Enclosure
    This enclosure features two 3 inch air vents covered by rain shields, allowing ventilation of installed equipment or batteries while maintaining waterproof protection.

    Extreme Protection Built to Last
    The NF100806V-DIN is ideal for protecting equipment from harsh environments and tampering, while allowing ventilation for equipment or batteries. This rugged NEMA box is molded from durable and UV resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) with a UL94-5V flame rating. It features a gasketed door with stainless steel continuous hinge and stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps.

    This JIC style enclosure is dent-proof, corrosion resistant and UV stable. The FRP material is non-conductive and RF transparent. It is suitable for use in the harshest outdoor environments. It can be drilled and modified by the installer to suit unique site requirements.

    Cable Glands
    The enclosure features two unique PG-16 cable glands with a closed inner seal. They are installed in the open ports to maintain the NEMA rating of the enclosure when not in use. When required for use, simply punch a hole through the inner membrane, run your cables and tighten for a water-tight seal.

    Stainless steel brackets are included for secure wall mounting. Optional flange and pole mounting kits are available: painted steel (NMKS-200-08) and stainless steel (NMKX-200-08).

    We offer custom enclosures for WiFi equipment, DIN Mount Industrial Controls, Telephone Call Boxes, IP Phones, Security & Safety, Building Automation and More. Options include equipment mounting plates, DIN rails, AC/DC power, vents, cooling fans, heaters. We also offer full customization, engineering and on-site CNC machining of enclosures and associated equipment, all with quick turnaround time. Please contact us with your unique requirements.